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“Khandvi” is a Gujarati Farsan (type of snacks / breakfast) item made from ingredients Gram Flour, curd, oil, spices etc… It looks like a small rolls garnished with spices… Following…

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Snacks & Fast Food


Ingredients: Preparation: Rinse rice and soak in around 1-cup water for 4-hours. Rinse all dals (toor dal, chana dal and urad dal) and soak them in 1-cup water for 4-hours….

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Garlic Potato (Lasaniya Bateta)

Ingredients: Method: Soak dry red chillies in 2-tablespoons water for 10 minutes. Boil baby potatoes until tender and peel its skin. (Consider adding salt while boiling potatoes, this will enhance…

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Mealtime Variety

Swaminarayan Khichadi

Method: Clean, wash tuver daal and rice then soak for 15 minutes. Heat ghee in a shallow container then add mustard seeds, chilli-ginger paste, turmeric powder and stir fry. Add…

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Snacks & Fast Food

Surati Locho

“Surati Locho” is a Gujarati Farsan (type of snacks / breakfast) item especially famous item of Surat (city of Gujarat) made from various Dal, Poha, oil, spices etc… very tasty…

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Sweets and Desserts

Mohan Thal

The Gujarati sweet cuisine “Mohan Thal” is named on Lord Krishna as it was called favourite of Shri Krishna… As Mohan is another name of Lord Krishna and Thal means…

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